Additional Benefits Include:

Reception Dashboard – on which receptionists can check visitors in and out, view current visitors in the building, and can load any upcoming visits (optional).

Host notifications – during check-in, visitors can choose their host out of a list of suggested employee names, and the host will immediately receive an email (or text) notification that their visitor has arrived. Keep your employee list up-to-date by uploading an Excel file to your dashboard or by syncing your employee directory.

Advanced building security – complete visitor reports for Security and/or Safety Management, including a real-time list of current visitors and downloadable visitor-history reports by day, week or month.

Secure data storage – that adheres to all POPI regulations and IT Security requirements. The system can also provide additional safeguards by screening against grey/unwanted lists.

License scanner – visitors can scan their driver’s license for even quicker registration (if required).