Booking confirmation to visitor

Visitors will automatically receive a welcome email with the details about their meeting, the host, the location, the boardroom (if applicable), a Google map link to the building, details on where to park (if applicable) and a web registration link to pre-register and view any required safety induction material.


*The email can also contain a link to download the optional Visitor App if required.

Booking confirmation to host

The host also immediately receives an email confirming which visitors they have successfully booked a visit for. If the host goes onto the host dashboard and edits or deletes a meeting, a confirmation email is also sent to the host confirming which visits they have updated or deleted.

Notification of visitor arrival

As visitors arrive at the building – either at the reception area or at the parking entrance – a notification is automatically sent to the host informing them of their visitor’s arrival. Waiting times are reduced because hosts are notified in advance of their visitor’s arrival at the waiting area.

Different types of notifications

The WizzPass system has a variety of ways for notifications to be sent. Automated notifications can be programmed to work through email, SMS, Whatsapp, Slack and other instant messaging systems.