Visitors can use the Smartphone Visitor App to pre-register their details on the App and complete any safety procedures prior to their arrival.

This saves time on the day of the meeting – visitors don’t have to register their details again because they are already on the system.

Details of upcoming meetings

When opening the App, visitors will see the latest list of all their upcoming meetings, their hosts for each meeting and the meeting location.

If they click on each meeting they will see further details such as the location of their designated parking area, their meeting area or room, and any other specific visitor instructions for that building.

Directions to the designated parking and meeting area

On the day of the meeting, the visitor can use their Visitor App for turn-by-turn directions to their designated parking area, and if applicable – to the correct building to meet their host.

This provides convenience and ultimate peace of mind to the visitor of where they need to go.

Digital Access Card

Visitors can use the Digital Access Card on their App as a digital verification of their visit for quick check-in at parking and reception areas.

Parking-security guards or receptionists can do a quick search of the details or scan the digital barcode for a fast and convenient check-in experience for the visitor.

Health & Safety Information

Health and Safety information can be displayed within the App to the visitor – either as optional or compulsory information that has to be viewed.

This educates the visitor on safety and security procedures, decreases risk of injury, and improves the health & safety compliance of the building.

Automated Geolocation checkin & checkout

As visitors enter the reception area, the Smartphone Visitor App will automatically check the visitor in through their geolocation.

The visitor will receive a notification that they have been checked in and that their host has been notified of their arrival.

When the visitor has left the building the visitor will automatically be checked out and their exit time will be recorded on the system.