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Visitor Bookings

Hosts can automatically book their visitors through their calendar invites or alternatively on a web dashboard, and the visitor will immediately receive a confirmation email with details about their upcoming visit containing specific visitor instructions and google-map directions for the particular building and/or parking area that they are visiting.


The email also contains a secure link that the visitor can click on to pre-register their details (and complete any safety induction if required) before their arrival – meaning the visitor does not have to spend time registering their details when they arrive at the building, which saves time and reduces queues and congestion.

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Visitor Smartphone App

For businesses that make available a Visitor Smartphone App to their visitors (branded and tailored for the specific business), their visitors can use the Visitor App to register their details and complete any safety induction prior to their arrival (saving time on the day of their arrival). Visitors can also use the App to see a list of all their upcoming meetings to that business, their hosts, directions and the location of their designated parking area and/or meeting area for each visit.


Visitors can also use their Visitor App to check-in to the building and if applicable, can use their Visitor App as a digital access card to enter through turnstiles/doors. Health and safety information, videos or questionnaires can be displayed within the App to the visitor (depending on the type of visitor/contractor) either as optional or compulsory information to be viewed or completed – to improve visitor and contractor health and safety compliance.

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Parking Access Scanner

WizzPass provides a secure and quick laser-barcode scanning system to process vehicles, drivers, and/or pedestrians into parking areas or other vehicle or pedestrian access points. The security officer uses a fast handheld laser-scanner to select the tenant that the visitor/contractor is visiting (if applicable), and then scans the vehicle license disk and/or the driver’s license, ID book or ID card, as well as any other information such as number of occupants in the vehicle or the access card number given to the visitor.


The parking system can be linked to the reception system – taking away the need for the visitor to input their details twice. Building managers and/or receptionists can see a real-time list of current parkers and which visitors are actually within the building – enabling complete visitor reporting of both parking and reception entry & exit times on one secure and integrated system.

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Reception Check-in Kiosk

Visitors can quickly and easily make use of a self-service check-in kiosk at the reception desk (tablet within a lockable secure stand on the reception counter). This replaces outdated, unreliable and insecure paper-based registers and provides a more professional and convenient welcoming experience to visitors. Visitors only have to register once – pre-registered and repeat visitors can use the “One Touch” sign in process.


Each reception system is customized for each client with their own branding and the registration fields that they require – such as ID, name, surname, email, contact number, photo, vehicle license plate, company, or host. Fields can be marked compulsory or optional.


Handwritten paper logs provide no security and leaves visitor information exposed. Now you can have accurate real-time data visitors for health, safety & security requirements – and that also complies with protection of information and all other POPI regulations. Where applicable, safety induction videos (and if required – a related safety questionnaire) can also be part of the check-in process.

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As visitors arrive at the building – either at the reception area or at the parking entrance – a notification is automatically and immediately sent via email and/or SMS to the host informing them of their visitor’s arrival. Waiting times are reduced because hosts are notified in advance of their visitor waiting for them in the waiting area.


The system also sends other notifications wherever applicable – to the visitor if they have been booked, to the host once they have successfully booked a visitor, and for example to security managers whenever a unwanted individual or vehicle attempts to enter the premises. Notifications can also be programmed to work through instant messaging systems.

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Real-time Dashboard

Hosts and PAs have their own real-time dashboard that they can use to book, edit or delete bookings for their visitors (in addition to option of using the automated calendar-invite functionality).


Receptionists have their own real-time dashboard that allows them to check visitors in and out, see a current list of all visitors within the premises, and to see a list of upcoming visitors.


Administrators and managers have a dashboard that allows them to view and manage multiple buildings in real-time. They can see a current list of visitors for each building, complete visitor reports per building or across all buildings, graphs of visitor numbers and changes over time, and can also directly manage login permissions for other administrations and security personnel.

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Safety Induction Management

Different safety induction requirements can be setup for different types of people that require access into your buildings – such as visitors, contractors and employees. Safety induction completion can then be linked to access-rights into the building or premises, ensuring all people on site are fully OHS compliant.


Visitors and contractors can save time on the day of their visit by completing their safety induction before they arrive. In the email confirmation received by the visitor before their meeting, the visitor can click on a pre-registration link (or can use the Visitor App if available) to pre-register their details and complete the safety induction before their arrival.

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White Label System

WizzPass provides a completely white-labeled system that allows your brand to be powered by WizzPass systems. This includes customized branding, secure hosting, integrations and specific features to suit your requirements.

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