A smart, simple and seamless way to improve the visitor experience at your building

WizzPass redefines traditional facilities management and booking systems at a fraction of the cost.
An improved visitor experience, improved security and reduced costs.

WizzPass can be installed into new developments and retrofitted into old buildings.



1. Improved visitor experience

The visitor receives instant email confirmation of their parking booking, is assured of seamless parking-access on the day of their meeting, will be greeted by name by the security guard and receptionist and doesn’t need to sign a paper register ever again.

2. Replaces the hassle of paper systems

No need for frustrating paper and pen sign-ins every time you go to the parking entrance or reception. Visitors’ details only have to be captured once on the WizzPass system, and they have easy, fast, and secure access on the days of their meetings.

3. Complete security and safety compliance

You have a complete record for full security and safety compliance – all entries and exits of each particular visitor is digitally tracked, and you know which visitors are in the premises at any given time.

4. Much easier to book parking for visitors

The host of the meeting just books the meeting through their calendar and the WizzPass system takes care of the rest.

5. Correct legal usage of personal information

With WizzPass, all personal information is stored and managed as per POPI Act requirements.

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