WizzPass is a visitor management and parking solution used for office parks, corporate offices, paid

parking areas and residential parking


Our clients are revolutionizing the parking visitor experience to their buildings.

With WizzPass, parking at a paid parking site is made simple with no cash, paper tickets or queues.
And our visitor management platform used by businesses ensures a more secure, sophisticated and
streamlined visitor experience when visiting corporate buildings, office parks, residential complexes
and external events.

These leading companies are already working with WizzPass

What the Press say

What our customers say

“It is so easy to open the app and then swipe it in order for the parking boom to open. I don’t have to wait in queues and look for change anymore.”
- Monica Schlottau -
I downloaded the WizzPass app and immediately loved it. All my frustrations were replaced with an app that I could simply swipe when approaching the parking boom…and the boom just opens
- Caroline Maritz -
“I love it! Really wish it could be implemented at more places. I do not miss the old issues of not having cash, and then when I have cash, of it not going in and the old scratch pad. Don’t miss always trying to find the ticket”.
- Johann Louw -

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