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Parking access scanner, Gate scanner, License scanner, Visitor scanner, Identity scanner, Johannesburg, Cape Town, South Africa

Employee workspace booking

Prior to returning to work, employees can easily reserve an office space or workspace within a department or particular area – directly through the WizzPass workspace calendar on their WizzPass employee dashboard. Each department, area or workspace can be setup to have its own capacity limits, and is easily configurable according to the layout of each building.

Pre-authorization health or safety questionnaire

 If required, a pre-authorization questionnaire can be asked before allowing the employee to reserve a workspace. If the employee fails the pre-authorization questionnaire, certain admins will be automatically notified and the employee will not be able to complete their space reservation at that time.

Control employee booking limits

If required, the booking-calendar can be set to limit bookings for a certain period in the future – for example bookings can be set to only be bookable up to one month in the future. Each employee can also be limited to only be able to make a set number of bookings within a certain time period (for example, 3 days limit per week).

Employees have their own reservation dashboard

Employee space reservations can be viewed and managed by the employee directly on their own dashboard, including their booking status, date of each booking, department (if applicable) and the ability to cancel their own booking. The WizzPass interactive calendar shows employees if all spaces have been booked for a specific office, area and/or department for each day.

Administrators have real-time insights and control visitors

Admins have access to their admin dashboard to view a list of all upcoming office space reservations for each day, and which can be viewed per department or area (if required). A visual overview is also presented to easily see the current number of booked spaces, total capacity and remaining space availability.

The search function allows admins to view a specific day, month or date range, or to search for a specific employee. Admins also have the ability to cancel an employee’s booking directly from the admin dashboard, and can easily see if the booked employee has actually checked into the building yet.

Your access-control and reservation management on one complete system

The WizzPass parking scanner and WizzPass reception check-in kiosk will provide seamless access-control that is linked to the WizzPass reservation system. The system automatically picks up if an employee does not have a booking for the specified day and will deny entry if no booking is found.
WizzPass provides one complete reservation and access-management system that gives you full control, efficiency and peace of mind.

Parking access scanner, Gate scanner, License scanner, Visitor scanner, Identity scanner, Johannesburg, Cape Town, South Africa